Biomass Supply

Biomass is a sustainable fuel because it’s derived from a natural resource (trees) and the carbon which is released during the burning process is no greater than would be released if the wood were left to decompose naturally. Biomass technology is already common place in much of Europe and the benefits are now being recognised by the UK.

We are BSL approved and Woodsure certified and supply biomass for domestic and commercial boilers. We also offer a contract supply of biomass ensuring the client that they will not run out!

Reasons to Convert to Biomass


Biomass is a responsible and sustainable fuel which is cheaper than fossil fuels.


Schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) allow the client to be financially rewarded for using biomass to generate heat!


Using biomass is sustainable as it makes use of an otherwise wasted by-product of the forestry industry.

Wood Chipping

We currently provide a mobile chipping service for many large estates which have their own biomass boilers. Our Heizohack crane fed chipper is sent to their site and converts their timber stock to a G30 W30 spec biomass which is then stored at their facility before being used as required.

Saw Milling

We have a Bavaria SL130i saw mill which is kept busy and mills timber for our extensive range of clientele, which includes fencing suppliers, carpenters, builders and even other saw mills.

Our forestry operations enable us to have a large stock of timber throughout the year, and where possible we salvage all suitable timber from our commercial projects to ensure that nothing is wasted. We pride ourselves on this sustainable approach.


We supply firewood both domestically and as a wholesale product. Please contact one of our team members for a quote.