Sennebogen 718e with Grab Saw

The Sennebogen 718e is the latest addition to our fleet of specialist mechanical roadside tree felling equipment, shown here mounted with grab saw attachment. The machine has a 16-metre reach and an elevating cab, making it specifically designed to reach high and fell / remove deadwood / crown lift roadside trees, especially large or problematic Ash trees which have succumb to Ash Dieback. The machine has tyres rather than tracks, allowing works to be performed from the highway safely at great speed and accuracy.

Hitachi ZX225 Zero Swing Forestry Excavator

Our ZX225 zero swing excavator with low ground pressure tracks easily manoeuvres in a forest/urban setting. The machine has a large number of uses and specialist attachments including grabsaw (for the mechanical felling of large or trees problematic trees, especially Ash trees) tree shear, mulcher head, rake and selector grab used for a number of purposes including thinning works/ride widening/raking and burning.

Hitachi ZX135 Zero Swing Forestry Excavator

Our ZX135 14-tonne zero swing excavator is a compact and versatile machine which easily manoeuvres and with low ground pressure tracks, this excavator also has a variety of specialist attachment which allow it to perform a diverse number of tasks.

Heizohack HK14 800 Crane Fed Whole Tree Chipper

Chipping recycles large volumes of residual tree waste from our tree works/ harvesting operations into G30 and G50 grade woodchip/biofuel. We are registered as part of the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) scheme and provide woodfuels which are eligible for the requirements of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

Valtra 250hp Reverse Drive Forestry Tractor and Timber Forwarding Nokka Drive Trailer and Botex 570B Loader

The 250hp Valtra reverse drive bespoke forestry tractor with forestry cab (FOPS & ROPS approved) allows efficient movement/ extraction of tree stems for firewood/ timber following site clearance/ forestry works. We are experienced in completing small and large clearance tasks on long- and short-term basis using the latest machinery and techniques. The Valtra is powerful and compact tractor which is equipped with forestry guarding, meanwhile Nokka timber forwarding drive trailer with Botex 570B loader with low ground pressure flotation tyres help to reduce soil compaction and ground damage.

Ahwi M700 400hp Forestry Mulcher

Our powerful Ahwi mulcher is mounted onto our 400hp forestry tractor and provides a fast and economical method of clearing vegetation/understorey and small trees. The process of mulching replaces several steps associated with conventional clearance usually involving a number of machines and operatives, whereas mulching performs this in one step. Mulching also benefits the natural ecosystem as mulch remains insitu to biodegrade and improve soil fertility.

Ahwi RF1000 Heavy Duty Forestry Stump Rotovator

Our heavy duty Ahwi stump rotovator is mounted onto our 400hp forestry tractor and easily removes large and small hardwood and softwood stumps in minutes within a variety of ground conditions, shown here strip-rotovating a site ready for replanting, it can rotovate to depths of up to 500mm.

Unimog U400

The Unimog U400 is a versatile agricultural/ forestry machine and has many uses throughout the business.

JCB Telehandler

The telehandler is used for handling materials with attachments specific to its forestry application including log grab/ brash grab/loading bucket allowing the loading/reloading of products/residues including woodchip and brash.

Carlton SP7015 Tracked Stump Grinder (75hp)

Tree stump removal, tree stumps can be obstructive and require removal for planning purposes or replanting. Our powerful and compact Carlton 7015 75 hp stump grinder can quickly and safely remove stumps with a four-speed ground drive system and a manoeuvrable with telescoping track system which allows retracting between 48-35 inches. Following stump removal arisings can be removed from site or left in situ to biodegrade.

Serra, Bavaria SL130i Mobile Sawmill

Our sawmill utilises our large stock of timber created from forestry operations into timber products for fencing suppliers, carpenters, builders and even other sawmills.

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